Takuma Nakamura

Those who have no vision have no wings

Leidos – Vision Based Landing on a Water Target

Figure: In this simulation, a RMAX helicopter lands on a moving water target, on which the deck pattern of the destroyer warship is placed. Also, a small AprilTag is installed on an expected landing location. My vision system sees the deck pattern at high altitude. While descending to land, it sees both the targets or one of them depending on its altitude, and extended Kalman filter fuses information comes from multiple vision techniques using the measurement covariances and the target dynamics.

Figure: In this flight test, a RMAX helicopter is flying over a WAMV boat and chasing. The picture in picture on the top left corner shows the raw on-board images and the one on the top right corner shows the results of the vision system overlaid on the raw images. The vision system runs approximately at 50 Hz, and only part of the results is sent to the ground control station, which is shown on top right.